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How to find us

The headquarters of Daghestan Reserve is located in Makhachkala City (the capital of Daghestan). By railroad, Makhachkala can be reached from Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, VolgogradAstrakhanBaku, etc. The international airport (outskirts of Kaspiysk City, not far from Makhachkala) provides air connection with Moscow, St.Petersburg, Mineralnye Vody, and other cities of Russia and abroad. From two bus stations and bus-stop bays of Makhachkala the passenger traffic go to all cities, towns, villages and district centres of Daghestan as well as Baku, Stavropol, Vladikavkaz, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Elista, Volgograd, Moscow, St.Petersburg, etc. Makhachkala has the seaport which, in perspective, can be used for Caspian cruises. A network of public call offices, internet cafes and post-and-telegraph offices is well-developed.


The section ‘Kizlyar Bay’

The best locality to get to Kizlyar Bay is the village of Kochubey (Tarumovka district of Daghestan). Kochubey lies at the junction of highways Rostov – Baku and Makhachkala – Astrakhan and can be reached by any transit bus or fixed-route taxi from Makhachkala (206 km) or Kizlyar (60 km), as well as from cities and villages of neighbouring republics (Stavropol, Elista, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, etc.). Near the village there is a railway station where stop such passenger trains as Makhachkala-Moscow, Makhachkala-Astrakhan, Baku-Rostov and others. The village has a small hotel, post office and public call office.

From Kochubey to cordons of the section ‘Kizlyar Bay’ of Daghestan Reserve you can get only by transport of staff-workers of the Reserve or by taxi along the highway Makhachkala – Astrakhan until the railroad crossings No 14 and 12, and then by rural roads to the seacoast.


The section ‘Barchan Sarykum’

Barchan Sarykum is approximately 15 km from Makahachkala. The closest to this section of Daghestan Reserve is the village Korkmaskala. The outskirts of Kormaskala (at the intersection of the highway Rostov – Baku with the railroad Makhachkala-Buynaksk) can be reached by any transit bus or fixed-route taxi. Further, a dirt road along the Shura-Ozen River will bring you to the former station Kumtorkala, which is a current location place of the Reserve cordon.


Agrakhanski Zakaznik

From the north-west the Zakaznik borders on the only settlement - the village Staroterechnoe of Kizlyar district (120 km). It can be reached by bus or fixed-route taxi from Makhachkala and Kizlyar. Then, by transport of the Reserve staff you can get to the cordon Chakanny, well-equipped for visitors.


Samurski Zakaznik

The territory of the Zakaznik includes several settlements (Azadogly, Samur, Tagirkent-Kazmalyar, Primorski, etc.). You can get there from Makhachkala by car or train. Fixed-route taxis provide regular carriage of passengers from the southern bus station of Makhachkala and from Derbent to the villages of Samur, Tagirkent, Htun, Bilbil and Primorski.


Tlyaratinski Zakaznik

Tlyarata (administrative centre of Tlyarata district) can be reached by fixed-route taxi (200 km)To get to the settlements located within the territory of Tlyaratinski Zakaznik you should use a fixed-route taxi from Tlyarata, transit vehicles or transport of the Reserve staff.

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