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Federal State Budget Institution

‘Daghestan State Nature Reserve’


Daghestan State Nature Reserve was established in 1987 by the Order No 6 dated 9.01.1987 of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and comprised two sections – ‘Kizlyar Bay’ and ‘Barchan Sarykum’.

The Reserve covers a total area of 19,061 ha, of them the section ‘Kizlyar Bay’ occupies 18,485 ha and the section ‘Barchan Sarykum’ is 576 ha. On adjacent lands and waters there are designated buffer zones with a restricted use regime. Their entire area is 21,065 ha including 19,890 ha in Kizlyar Bay and 1,175 ha on Barchan Sarykum.


The Reserve is a conservation, research and eco-educational institution of federal importance with the aim to preserve and study the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, genetic fund of flora and fauna, particular species and communities of plants and animals, typical and unique ecosystems.

The land and its interior, waters, flora and fauna located within the territory of the Reserve are given to the use and possession of the Reserve under the relevant federal laws. Their seizure or other termination of the use and possession rights is prohibited. The Reserve has the state acts on land use. Land plots of the Reserve are registered in the cadastral records.

In 2009, the Orders of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation have allocated to Daghestan Nature Reserve three federal ‘zakazniks’ (sanctuaries), situated on the territory of the Republic of Daghestan (Agrakhanski, Samurski and Tlyaratinski).  When transferred all zakazniks did not change their protection status.

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