Министерство природных ресурсов и экологии российской федерации
Государственный природный заповедник


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Protection of natural areas

Protection of natural complexes and objects in the Reserve is provided by the special state inspection for the protection of the territory of the state nature reserve, which workers are included in the Reserve staff. Today, the Protection Service of the Reserve consists of 49 full-time employees - state inspectors, senior state inspectors and deputy directors for the protection of the reserved territory and federal zakazniks.

To maintain the activity of the Protection Services of the Reserve, zakazniks, and Task Forces there have been purchased four cars ‘UAZ Hunter’, 2 cars ‘Niva Taiga’ and ‘Niva Chevrolet’, 7 different types of boats, motors. Two horses were purchased for the Protection Service of the alpine Tlyaratinski Zakaznik. To make cordons and provide adequate conditions for accommodation and work of inspectors there were bought  ​​seven residential wagons, and for Tlyaratinski Zakaznik it was purchased a wooden cottage. The inspectors and personnel were supplied with 50 outfits of summer field uniform. For the senior inspectors of all zakazniks and sections of the Reserve, and for Task Forces there were purchased cameras and binoculars. All inspectors of the Reserve were supplied with practical guides for operational activities, diaries for observation records, maps of protected territories.

For three zakazniks and two sections of the Reserve it was manufactured and installed 80 banners and 12 illustrated information boards.

Main difficulties in operational activities of the Reserve are connected with a low level of professional training of inspectors. To solve this problem there are organized training seminars with participation of leading experts of the region on the management of protected areas and operational activities. In particular, in the office of the Reserve, and in the territories of Samurski and Agrakhanski Zakazniks there were held training workshops on operational activities, attended by all senior inspectors and most of sectional inspectors.

The Protection Service of the Reserve for the first half of 2011 compiled 30 records on the law violations, 25 of them are administrative, and 5 are criminal offences. Administrative fines constituted 24,150 roubles and 14,000 roubles were exacted from violators. Most of the identified violations were related to the illicit presence in the specially protected territory, fish poaching and illegal hunting.

The Protection Service of the Reserve is fully provided with fuel and lubricants, as well as spare parts. There were purchased necessary tools and materials for fire safety and first aid in emergency situations.

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