Министерство природных ресурсов и экологии российской федерации
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The section ‘Kizlyar Bay’
The section ‘Kizlyar Bay’ is located in Tarumovka district in the north-east of Daghestan, near the mouth of the Kuma River. The territory covers marine shallows and a slightly inclined to the sea terrace of the west Caspian coast.
The section ‘Barchan Sarykum’
The section ‘Barchan Sarykum’ is located in Kumtorkalinski district, 18 km to the northwest of Makhachkala, at the base of the northern slopes of the Narath-Tyube Ridge, on the left bank of the Shura-Ozen River.
Agrakhanski Zakaznik
The State Natural Zakaznik of federal importance ‘Agrakhanski’ is a biological (zoological) sanctuary and is intended to preserve and restore valuable commercial, as well as rare and endangered objects of wildlife and their habitats.
Samurski Zakaznik
The territory includes floodplain deciduous liana forests of the Samur River Delta, dissected by numerous river arms and rivulets, also coastal lakes, lagoons, beaches and 500-metre zone of the Caspian Sea shallows.
Tlyaratinski Zakaznik
The Zakaznik is situated in Tlyarata district in the upper reaches of the Avarskoe Koisu River (the Dzhurmut River Basin) and covers the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range and the south-western spurs of the Lateral Range.
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